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Stage 1 - Lookout & First Stop Circuit Race

These are PROPOSED 2014 Start Times (If you scheduled for an AM start we plan to keep you in the AM. These times may change based on many factors. The Tech Manual will include the actual start times):

Morning Wave - Start Times Catagory Distance
9:00am Men 4/5 2 laps/37 miles/60 km
9:10am Women 1/2/3 3 laps/55 miles/88 km
9:15am Women 3/4 2 laps/37 miles/60 km
9:25am Citizens/Open 2 laps/37 miles/60 km


Afternoon Wave - Start Times Catagory Distance
12:30pm Men P/1/2 4 laps/73 miles/115 km
12:35pm Men 3 4 laps/73 miles/115 km
12:45pm Men 40+ 3 laps/55 miles/88 km
12:50pm Men 50+/60+ 3 laps/55 miles/88 km


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